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bulletBorn in Stockholm, Sweden, in the forties
bulletExams in Electronic Engineering 1962
bulletExams at Teaching High School, Stockholm 1974
bulletProfessional photographer 1983-1991
bulletWorking with PC:s and Computer Networks 1996-97
bulletComputer assisted teaching, Stockholm 1998---2007
bulletNow retired for a new life...
bulletFavourite flower: Gulmåra (common at the Baltic coast)




Yes, I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but the sea and the nature of the seascape together with the fantastic seasonal ever changing light conditions in the archipelago east of Stockholm, worked like a magnetic force on my mind.
In the late seventies I left Stockholm with my family for Norrtälje by the Baltic coast east of Stockholm.My grandparents lived in a city in the northern part of Sweden.
An Air Force base was situated not far from their house and by the age of twelve I took a great interest in aircraft of all sorts. From then on and still today I build and fly model aeroplanes.

My father was a man with great musical abilities and music became an important part of my life from the very beginning. In my teens I was very eager playing jazz together with my buddies in spite of my dear mother´s despair.

After finishing my education and leaving Military Service I went to work within electronics. 1971 I changed horses and went to Teaching High School in Stockholm for studies. A couple of years earlier I had begun studying classical guitar.

My interest in music soon extended to the flute and the violin.  Swedish traditional music "Folk musik" is today my main musical interest. I still play the guitar.


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